The Royal Rumble is an event based at the Royal Arms, Tockholes on August Bank Holiday evening.

8km / 4.97m, 292m / 958ft CAT BS

Course Records
Male: Jack Hindle (Blackburn Harriers)    34:15    2016
Female: Elizabeth Greenwood (Blackburn Harriers)    41:10    2015

The race is best described as entry level fell/hill running. It is a Senior event in which some juniors are allowed to take part. Juniors must be minimum age 16 on the day of the race. Senior athletes with road running or cross country experience should be fine. Junior athletes used to fell, or at or close to County level at cross country should also be fine.

Whilst the event is well marked and marshalled, a recce is still advisable. It is the responsibility of the athletes to travel around the route correctly.

The start is SD 663 216 on the main Roddlesworth track, heading south.

Full Route Description

The start is on the main Roddlesworth Track, just below the Royal Arms. To get to the start cross Tockholes Road from the Visitor Centre Car Park, go through the wooden gate and head down the track around 20 metres then take the dirt path to the right. It bends slightly right and then round to the left before descending a few hundred metres to a T Junction. Turn right, and the start line is in the dip 10-15 metres ahead.
From the start line head south away from the reservoir. The first few hundred metres are undulating on a woodland gravel track, before a short downhill section around a gate and across a stream. The stream crossing is the start of the first climb of approx 1km. At the top of the climb as the track flattens, take a left turn towards Tockholes Road and proceed for approx 200m. Just before the main road, take the gate in the wall to the right and bear left following the track alongside the wall parallel to the road until reaching the stile in the wall. Over the stile and cross Tockholes Road.
** Take care crossing Tockholes Road **
Go through the gate and head up the Cartridge Hill climb. After a long straight drag, the track bends to the left and arrives at a hairpin bend. Take the grassy track to the left off the bend, cutting off the second hairpin, up to rejoin the gravel track and pass through the gate. The track then  descends slightly and bends to the left before rising to a T junction. Take a right turn at the T and climb gradually for approx. 200m. Here the track splits 3 ways. Ignore the gravel track to the right, but approx 20 metres later as the main track bears left, keep straight on climbing a little along the grass track and crossing the moor before dropping down to a path junction with Darwen visible below (weather permitting).
The correct route from this path junction is to take what is the 2nd left trod, descending down an eroded gravel and dirt gully to join the old road that runs from Bold Venture Park to Darwen Tower. At the road turn left and continue climbing approx 400m. Take the right turn next to the large marker stone. Follow the flat trod to reach the gravel track and descend towards Sunnyhurst. Just before the descent reaches the first gateway, take the sharp left which starts the final climb up the side of Darwen Moor towards the top of Aggie’s Staircase.
On reaching the top of the climb bear right along the moorland track to 2 paths that appear on the right through the fence about 20 metres apart. Take the 2nd path on the right which bypasses the Aggie’s Staircase descent. Descend to a T Junction and then turn right to the bottom of Aggies, through the gap in the fence and down the steps to the gravel road.
Turn left along the gravel track around the right-hand hairpin through the woods to the gate at the end of the woods. Pass through the gate and continue along the track, descending to the finish at the end of the field, just before the row of terraced houses.