Sabden Fell Race

The race was first run in 2016, as a race set up as a County Championship event for Lancashire. Following great feedback on the venue and route the race will continue in 2017 as an open event, set for a new July date.

The event is based at St Nicholas Parish Church Hall, Sabden, BB7 9HE, where registration and presentation will take place.

The races start and finish is at SD 780 379 above Badger Well Cottages, Sabden. Just through the gate at the top of the gravel track on the first open grassy area at the start of the main hill. The terrain is best described as typical pennine hill running with testing ascent/descent.

The race is flagged to CP1 and follows the main track from the start through a series of gates to CP1 SD 784 394 Swing Gate in wall. Pass through the gate and head for CP2 SD 773 393 crossroad of paths. Then CP3 SD 783 402 Judith’s Cairn. Then CP4 SD 792 393 swing gate in wall. Here follow flagged descent below the Crags to rejoin the first ascent at SD 784 392 where runners turn left and head back downhill towards the finish. Runners are allowed to make their own route choices from CP1-CP2-CP3-CP4 but all sections do have the option of established trods or taking a direct line. The route will require crossing Howcroft Brook between CP2 and CP3.

Sabden Event Area – click to see map.