Based in Downham, Pendle Cloughs is a fantastic and challenging fell race.

14 Miles / 4100ft / Cat AL

  • Boar Clough looking back down to CP7

This is an A – LONG category fell race (minimum age 18yrs) and is not suitable for novices or road runners.

The race traverses high, rough and in places trackless moorland terrain, with steep ascents and descents, including loose stones, mud, peat and rough grass/dead bracken. The crossing of Deep Clough beyond CP4 involves a traverse of steep and loose shale this can be avoided by ascending directly up from CP4 and across the top of the Clough by Deep Clough Spring.
The course will only be partially flagged from the start at Downham to the gate stile at the bottom of Worston moor, and from the road crossing (CP9) to the finish at Downham across the fields.

There are 9 Checkpoints. Cut off times will be implemented at CP3 (12:25pm) & CP 6 (14:15pm). Each CP must be visited in order, the route taken between being up to the individual, Do not climb walls or fences but cross at appropriate points, Do not cross private land or the out of bounds area on Downham Moor. Do not drop litter (eg Gel packs) on the course.
A map showing checkpoints and grid references and cut off times, to a scale of 1:25 000 will be provided
CP 1 Unmanned SD 783 411 Stream crossing bottom of Mearley Clough
CP 2 Unmanned SD 787 404 Boundary Stone
CP 3 Manned (Closes 12:25pm SD 809 418 South side of wall corner, Bottom of Big End
CP 4 Unmanned SD 806 405 Knoll North side of Deep Clough
CP 5 Unmanned SD 796 384 Between track walls Stainscomb
CP 6 Manned (Closes 14:15pm) SD 777 396 Knoll bottom of Ashendean Clough
CP 7 Unmanned SD 798 398 Top Pendle Way stone marker Boar Clough
CP 8 Unmanned SD 804 420 Robin Hood or Foxes Well
CP 9 Manned SD 798 432 Road Crossing
The Race starts and finishes in the village of Downham Nr Clitheroe.
You will visit seven of Pendle’s Cloughs, Burst Clough, Mearley Clough, Ogden Clough, Deep Clough, Churn Clough, Ashendean Clough, and Boar Clough.