Race Organisers are invited to promote their event(s) on the EHR Website. This is particularly aimed at ROs who do not have access to their own event or club website in order that they can provide important information to prospective competitors.

This facility is provided free of charge. If any ROs wish to make a contribution to EHR to assist with the maintenance of the website, they are able to do so through the EHR website on the link above in the knowledge that any surplus will be passed to Mountain Rescue.

Each event will have a main event page set up, outlining the key information for the event. There will also be a basic listing on the upcoming events as well as an option to maintain historical reports/results from previous races, links to Facebook pages etc.

Essential Information that will be needed will be

  • Date, Time, Category, Distance and Ascent figures.
  • Race Organiser name and contact details
  • Entry Details including pre-entry, entry on day, age and/or experience restrictions
  • Event Registration details eg. FRA, SHR…. and rules that apply
  • Route Information sufficient to allow competitors to recce the course including identifying any restricted access.

ROs may also chose to provide a little history of the event, details of course records etc.

If ROs have detailed event information, pictures, maps… these can be added either as attachments to download or embedded in to the page subject to the type of file format. Entry forms or links to online entry systems can also be added.

Pages will be set up in draft form for the RO to check and confirm prior to being published. Once published the RO can refer and link to the EHR pages when promoting.

Please bear in mind, the idea behind this is to give the Competitor as much information as possible and as is reasonably practical to allow them to decide whether your event is suitable for them.

contact Richard for more info at richardtaylor90@hotmail.com