Welcome to EHR!

Are you a Race Organiser? Do you want a web presence for your event? Then EHR can help you.

EHR Mission

English Hill Runners (EHR) is an independent group established to provide assistance and support to promoters and participants of fell and hill races across the UK, but with a particular focus on England. EHR will endeavour to work with other fell and hill running bodies to share knowledge and resources.

EHR Philosophy

The EHR philosophy is that fell and hill running is a simple sport and that bureaucracy should be kept to a minimum, whilst ensuring that there is a competent level of organisation consistent with law. EHR understands that adventure is an integral part of the sport and aims to support best practise among event organisers.

EHR applies the premise that runners should be fully aware that their own safety is chiefly their own responsibility when competing in hill races and that event organisers can only provide realistic and achievable duty of care obligations where practicable.

EHR are receptive to new ideas from any member, the wider sport or other sports and will actively review best practices in any related activity with raise awareness of any initiatives that might help improve our sport.

EHRA Vision

To play a part in making what is already a very safe sport even safer.

To help Race Organisers publicise their race in a way that will allow competitors to assess the event and it’s requirements appropriately prior to entry.